Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy NUDE Year!!

It's that time again when everyone reflects on the year gone by and what they have accomplished - or not.  That time when you remember fondly adventures you have had and friends you have made. 

Be it a time for regrets of wishes not granted or those which did not come true, or regrets of things you have done which you wish you had probably thought about for just one more moment before jumping in head first.

We've had a few of both here at Wetkittie..... but the adventures and fun times have totally outweighed the regrets of things not done - that's mainly because there's pretty much nothing we have not done this year.  A good time was definitely had by all.

So with that said, we thank you for following our blog, being our customers and most of all being our friends.  Lets make 2014 one of the sexiest ever!!!


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