Wednesday, December 18, 2013

And Then I Cried!

Do you remember your first orgasm? Where you were or who you were with? I don’t mean just your regular run of the mill orgasm, I mean your very first crying, screaming, out of this world (possibly squirting) orgasm? I think that’s one of those special moments you keep tucked in your memory bank, kind of like having your first kiss or your first child. Or maybe I’m just weird, or maybe it was just THAT GOOD!

Mine was in the summer of 1984. Yes, way back in the day. I was just a child (well, let me put that a different way… I was young, or younger than I am now – not actually a child, that would be just creepy, if not a little felonious). But I did live in England where the age of sexual consent is much, much younger than in the USA.

Back in those days I was a bit of a tomboy. My uniform of choice was Doc Marten boots, drainpipe jeans and a very, very short haircut and I spent many a weekend (possibly every weekend) at a football game (soccer to those of you who don't know any better). But that in no way meant I was not extremely girlie when it came to sex – yes, I loved it!! (And I still do actually)

In that spring and summer of ‘84 I had a boyfriend who lived quite far from me. We didn’t get to see each other much except at the weekends and possibly the occasional weekday sleep over. The fateful day/night in question I was staying at his house, as were a few other people. It was a little cramped which meant we were sharing the bedroom with someone else…. But that didn’t stop us. *blush* In a cramped single bed with someone else in the room, how could it get any more romantic?? But when you’re young, who the heck cares.

So there we were getting down and dirty, forgetting everything else and having a pretty good time. I rolled over and got on top, cowgirl style, and then it began….. I could feel the build up beginning, tingling from my toes all the way up my spine and back down into my lady parts… and it built, and built and….. Oh My God…!! The feeling was soooo freakin’ good – it was like all my senses had converged in my groin, I couldn’t breath, I couldn’t stop and I really didn’t want to.. I was so wet and I gushed so much I literally thought I had pee’d myself....And then I cried.

What the…? It was so incredibly erotic, mind blowing and intense that I cried! (I have since realized that the crying is something I do when I have the “Big One”) That poor boy. I’m not really sure he was ready for all that emotion – or the crying. I think I probably freaked him out a little, but hey, how many boys can say they were so good they made their girl cry, in a good way - And in front of an audience too? We got over the high and looked around and realized yes, we had been watched from beginning to end. And doesn’t that make it all the more erotic?

The relationship fizzled out at the end of that summer, but whenever I hear the immortal words of George Michael singing “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” or “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” by Cindy Lauper I go right back to that summer and it all comes flooding back. I even get a little tingle now and then. They do say you always remember your first… and wow do I remember it!!!

And if by chance that ‘boy’ is reading this – and you probably know who you are - just know you have a special place in my heart. You popped my orgasm cherry and that’s a wonderful thing!

Do you remember your first orgasm?  Or maybe even your first sexual experience??   Tell all.....


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