Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Thinking Outside the "Box" - a Product Review

So we’ve been doing this blog for a while now and think it’s time for a product review. And what better product to review than the Hitachi Magic Wand….!! Boy, we had fun testing this one – over and over and over and over and….. well, you get the picture *blush*

We’ve had a few people ask what’s best in the world of vibrators and until now, we’ve gone with a few choices…. you’ve got the tried and trusted ‘regular’, old time vibrators which were fine in their day, but with new ideas coming along, they tend to be a bit, well, boring.

Then there was all the fuss over the Rabbit which for a while was a little different, but of course there are the copycats now with the butterfly, dolphin, flower, killer whale… [okay, I don’t think there is actually a killer whale - just seeing if you were still paying attention]… These vibrators are okay, unless you want a little privacy and don’t want the neighbors knowing what you’re doing…. What with all the whirring and then the crunching as the beads turn in their little pocket it’s not subtle. I’ve also always found that the rabbit ears, or dolphin nose, or whatever, does not quite reach the area it’s supposed to. You need to hold it at an awkward angle and also hold the ears on the correct spot. Tends to kill the mood a little.

Then there’s glass - which technically isn’t a vibrator, it’s a dildo, but it’s just as good. Yes, glass sounds a bit scary, but once you realize it’s not going to break and slice up your lady parts, then it’s all good fun. Best about this one is when you put it in the fridge for a while and it’s lovely and cold. Obviously, you don’t want to freeze it or you could end up with frost-bitten labia and really, that’s not a good look on anyone. Leave this one in the fridge until the right time… they also keep cool for quite a while so you won’t have to go running to the kitchen in the middle of anything. Best for this one is to lay back, close your eyes and have your partner gently run the dildo up and down your inner thighs and gently up and over your clitoris (*oh my, I’m getting wet just thinking about it*). He/she could also pop a mint into his/her mouth and blow…. Ooooh….!!
Icicles #5

You can get quite a few shapes and sizes in glass and this is one of my favorites (which we also happen to sell *grin*):

                                                                                            Icicles #5 Glass Dildo 
Put this in the fridge and take it from there!

So getting back on track – The Hitachi Magic Wand (now apparently re-named the “Original Magic Wand”) was first introduced as a plain old massager in the 1970’s. It was soon turned into a sexual device with the help of sex educator Betty Dodson, an advocate for masturbation, among other things and I would like to thank that lady from the bottom of my heart!!

The Original Hitachi Magic Wand

The Magic Wand has been called the “Cadillac of Vibrators” and quite honestly, I can see why. When you remove it from the box you may exclaim “Holy Sh*t how the heck will I get that in??” The 2.5 inch wide head is a little daunting. But wait – you don’t have to put it IN…. oh no… this little box of tricks is designed for outside the box – literally! Well, actually it was designed for your neck and back, but that’s beside the point.

The flexible neck and powerful 5,000 and 6,000 rpm settings will have you climbing on the ceiling. Place this baby on your clitoris and I would bet that within two to three minutes you are having one of the most powerful orgasms of your life. The knack is being able to keep it there as the vibration is so powerful you will want to move it off for a moment so you can get your breath back. I actually squirted and that’s not something I usually do easily. And I’d only been using the Wand for a few minutes. Wow… is all I can say. The power of that thing is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!! Now, if you add a partner, some oil or lotion and a couple of drinks, just imagine how many orgasms you could have. In fact, I think you could go for the record (hmmm… I wonder if there is one?)

In my opinion this is the very best vibrator for a screaming, crying, blubbering orgasm that you just won't want to stop.  You must to try it to believe it.

There are now after-market attachments available too. So you can use it inside, and your partner can use it too. I have tried some attachments, all in the name of research you know, and tend to think that using the Wand on it’s own, without attachments is just as good, if not better. Bear in mind this is an electric vibrator and only works on AC current. Although the lead is quite long, you may have to use an extension lead. But that is the only drawback I have found. Oh, if you have a latex allergy, you may want to put a non-latex condom on the end to avoid any issues as the head seems to be made from latex – but don’t let this put you off. This is a definite ‘Must Buy” – and here’s a link:

$54.95 and well worth the price!  You will NOT regret buying this!

I am planning on using this with a couple of ‘friends’ in the near future and maybe will do a follow-up to this review so keep checking back (or why not follow me).  Have you experienced the Magic Wand?  What do you think??  Do tell.....


Miss Kittie

Friday, October 11, 2013

Hot... and a Bit Bothered!


As most ladies know, you either have curly hair that you hate, or you have straight hair - that you hate!  Either way, nobody is satisfied.  I am one of the straight hair brigade, so straight in fact that if I only blow dried it I would look like I had straw sitting on my head.  In fact, that’s unkind to straw – straw has more body.  So it is with regret that I have to use a curling iron/tongs every day, no matter what.  And here’s the thing…. Ladies, if you are going to curl your hair with an iron and you are in the least bit clumsy be very careful. 

There I was just last week getting ready for work, not in any particular hurry, standing before the mirror in my knickers (only my knickers) and curling my hair.  Now, I’m not the most coordinated person at times, mornings being worse, so as I’m standing there, breasts exposed to the world (or at least to my bathroom) I drop the curling iron…. Yes, I said it, I DROPPED IT!  And where in the world would you think it would land… on the floor?  In the sink? On the counter?  Oh no…. the bloody thing landed right on my left breast…!  Oh shit you might say…. Well that and ‘Ouch’ were not the only words I muttered at that moment.  There may have been a slight scream as well.

I’m quite proud of my breasts, a perfect 36C with cute little nipples.  However, for the last week, I’ve had to have a bandage thingy over the one side so that I don’t get a scar.  Trust me, that doesn’t look too good when you’re wearing a low cut top.  However, my man has taken quite a liking to playing doctor and applying ointment to the burn a few more times a day than is actually necessary.  I could quite get used to all this attention.   I just hope I don't get a massive scar that will ruin those perfect globes because that would bother me.

Oh, and have I mentioned I have a naked cruise coming up in a few weeks... how inconvenient! 

Have you ever burned a private part?  What is the most embarrasing thing you've damaged as a result of your own clumsiness or stupidity?


Miss Kittie 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

All.... Aboard!

I’m so excited – we’ve just booked an adults only cruise to the Caribbean. Hmmm… you say, adults only? Oh heck yeah… no bloody kids running around, no screaming babies, no uptight parents running after their children, no sticky handprints on your tan and lots and lots of sexy men and women to get to know.

This will be our third or fourth cruise, au naturel. And what better fun – sailing around the ocean with not a care in the world, as much alcohol as you can handle and if you feel like it, absolutely butt naked! {and who wouldn’t feel like it}

The best part of these cruises (except for the nightlife and sex) has got to be the nightly ‘themes.’ A great opportunity to bring out your inner vamp.

On this cruise some of the themes are:
  • 70’s Night
  • Sexy Lingerie Party 
  • Great Gatsby
  • Fetish and Vampire 

Who wouldn't enjoy getting all dolled up each night? Of course, the lingerie night is a no brainer because I work at WWW.WETKITTIE.COM and that's what we do. But, we also have Halloween costumes at this time of year, so I'm sure I can find something to fit each night. I'm beginning to think Superman never looked so good. I'm sure I can find a wonderful ship-mate!

What's the best Halloween costume you've ever worn?  How sexy was it?  Have you ever been on an adults only vacation and just how much fun did you have??  Discuss......