Saturday, August 24, 2013

Something for the weekend?

Back in the day when a gentleman would go for a haircut he would be asked "Something for the weekend sir?"  Now if you don't know what that means, he was asking if the "gentleman" wanted condoms, just in case (although how much of a gentleman that made him, I'm not sure - a little presumptuous actually).  Things have certainly changed and you can now buy condoms, without embarrassment, in just about any store you go in.  The stigma of being "ready" has certainly gone, in fact, it's now encouraged.  Which brings me around to my topic today... being ready for anything. 

A couple of weekends ago, we had some friends over for drinks and snacks.  Eventually, the conversation lulled, the drinks kicked in and the sun beat down, causing someone to ask if we should jump in the spa.  Well, hello!  of course - there were no bikinis or trunks, but that's never stopped us before and it didn't stop us this time.

Four naked bodies in one spa makes for a fun day.  A few more drinks get the imaginations going wild and suddenly we're thinking how fun it would be to have a slip-n-slide ..... hmmmm.... imagination overload.  What can be done about this?  Well, lets get innovative and find what we need. 

Home Made Slip-N-Slide:
  1. Husky Painter's Plastic
  2. Coconut Oil
  3. Fun (sexy) People
  4. Imagination

Lay out the plastic on the ground - cut to size (we used a square about 10x10) - cover yourself in coconut oil - get frisky.

I think you can use your own imagination about what happened after that.  Just let me say, it was more Twister than Slip-n-Slide.  (*grin*)  But wow... this is something you really, really need to try.

But a word of warning - use thicker painters plastic.  We used the only thing we had and it was way too thin and kept ripping at the most inopportune moments.  For best results, it would probably be better to use a tarp or something similar.  The coconut oil is much slicker than water, and its good for your skin! (a win-win situation)

And the moral of this story?  Next time you're in Lowes or Home Depot with a boring household decorating project, think to yourself "Something for the Weekend?"  It's amazing what you can find to spice up your life in the most mundane places.

Have you ever used a household item for something other than what it was intended?  What's the wildest thing you've done with a kitchen utensil?

Why not let your imagination run wild this weekend....

Miss. Kittie

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Endless Summer

Is summer over yet? Most people say its over on Labor Day…. Well we say, nope, it’s not over until you are too cold to wear a bikini or any other sexy little number, come to think of it. And in the life we lead, it apparently is NEVER over. There are always parties to go to where the dress code is little or nothing. It might be chilly outside, but if you’ve got friends and lovers to hug, then that’s not a problem at all.

Take this net outfit, for example. I recently wore this on a trip to Mexico. Perfect weather, perfect outfit – funny looking tan… but that’s beside the point. There’s something about fishnet that makes your curves look great, enhancing in all the right places and it doesn’t matter how big, or small you are, you look great. Oh and I had an absolutely fabulous time (in case you were interested).

Now you don’t have to wear the whole outfit. Of course you can just wear the stars and thong, or then again you could just wear the net. It all depends on what you have planned for the day/evening/night.

Net Crop Top and Boyshorts

It just so happens we have a few of these and they are on sale right now… only $20 and who could ask for more. They were originally selling for more but lets say this is our “end of summer” sale. So go on, go get one because summer will last as long as you want it to – take my word for it.

Miss. Kittie

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hello Halloween

Halloween… what does that word conjure up? Doesn’t it make you tingle with anticipation about what you’re going to wear? Forget the kids with their candy, annoying knocking at the door all night and trick or treating. This is the day of the year for those of us who love, love, love to dress up (or down, depending on how much you are actually wearing).

The definition of Halloween in my book is:

“The one day of the year when it’s okay to dress like a slut and nobody minds.”

And its getting close to that time again. Yes, it’s only August, but to get the best outfit you have to plan well in advance. And of course, if you want the most popular items, you need to start looking soon. This year, it looks like Pirates will still be a popular pick, while many people will want to be a Superhero or a Zombie and then of course, new items popping up all over the place are the neon clubwear furry animals and even dinosaurs and monsters. Neon, overall, is just going to be very popular.

And that’s what I’ve been doing all day… checking out new costumes and of course, trying them on. Oh My Goodness… some of these are freakin’ wonderful. You know how sometimes you just put something on and you feel, well, sexy as hell? That’s what it’s been like today. Boxes of costumes – just like Christmas – and to be able to try them on and strut around.. heaven!!
Only now, they have to be loaded on the website and that’s just booo! [ha, ha, did you note the casual link to Halloween right there?]

So the next few days will be spent uploading all these wonderful costumes - my weekend is apparently 'shot'. But perhaps I can give my other half an early Halloween thrill. I'm sure that's something he won't mind in the least.


Monday, August 12, 2013

Mixology 101...?

I am a master mixologist…. Even if I do say so myself!

I’ve become bored with Rum and Coke, Vodka and Orange, even Vodka and Red Bull… they are so blasé nowadays, don’t you think? Everybody drinks the same thing, it seems - whatever the recent favorite is of the rich and famous. Ha, but not me, (okay maybe a little, I did mention Red Bull and Vodka didn’t I?) I have become, yes, a mixologist. But only in my kitchen.

What this actually means is that I go to my kitchen, stand on the stool so I can reach the alcohol cupboard, which for some reason is really high up, and take out a number of different alcoholic beverages…. And begin to mix! Sometimes the resulting concoctions are not as nice as you would expect them to be – for example Captain Morgan Tattoo Rum and orange juice is bloody awful! Don't say I didn't warn you.

But this weekend I have found a winner…. Drum roll please…

Mango and Passion Fruit Vodka with Club Soda and a slice of Grapefruit. Yes, that’s right, I said grapefruit – which you squeeze into the drink just before you drink it. Oh yum.. you can hear angels singing with your first sip and they just get louder the more you drink (or was that just ‘cos I was getting drunk?)

It's the absolute perfect drink for either a night out or while sitting by the pool AND ladies... the vodka is a skinny version - only 78 calories per drink. My vodka of choice was Smirnoff Vodka Sorbet Light Mango Passionfruit. And it's absolutely wonderful.

Smirnoff Vodka Light

Oh, and on a side note, I would like to say hello to everyone at Smirnoff - I love your product (hmmm... maybe I will get a few samples in the mail)...


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Let's Get Flirty

This is one of our favorite items in our store… it gives you a little bit of biker, a little bit of BDSM and a whole lot of sexy – can you ask for anymore out of one teeny tiny little top?

It’s called the Wet Look Flirty Top. But we think it’s just a tad bit more than ‘flirty,’ it’s a downright come f*ck me top! Wet look around the back and elastic with hook closure in the front for easy access, you don’t leave very much to the imagination with this one. And it’s only $32.00.

Here’s the link:

Wet Look Flirty Top

Recently I wore this on a night out and damn was that a night *blush* Let me just say, I had an absolutely wonderful time. So good, in fact, I don’t remember much about it, except that I didn’t have to worry about my top falling off (unless I wanted it to) – the fit on this is perfect and it holds all your ‘bits’ in AND you get the G-string too.

If you want to try one for yourself, use the following code on check out for FREE SHIPPING: FLIRT

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

He Said What?

This has been a week of homeless people Wowing us .. on Friday, I was at a stoplight and a homeless guy (quite young and possibly quite cute under all the dirt) had a huge sign which read, and I quote, “Got a Room and Blow – Spare Change for Hookers?”

I had a little giggle to myself, he was being quite original and a little greedy – “Hookers”, plural, he won't make do with just one, naughty boy. You don’t see that everyday and it’s a bit of a change from “Need money for cigarettes..” or “Will work for Food”, when you know they won’t.

Then, just this morning my other kitten here was walking in downtown and a homeless man serenaded her with “Get your f**king c**t moving…” I’m not sure how slow she was walking but she mentioned she felt ever so glamorous - someone acknowledging her c**t at that time in the morning is uplifting, to say the least. And a stranger too! Although she did put a bit more pace into her step around about that time.

I wonder where homeless people go to learn their trade, hobo humor as it were, is there a school for tramps with lessons in insults and sign making. Abuse 101, Buffoonery 101, Signage and How to Make a Statement…?

What’s the worst insult you have received from a homeless person? Have you ever seen a sign that made you grin? And really, is it so wrong to think of a homeless man as cute?

Friday, August 2, 2013

What's a what.....?

Recently my other half and I were eating in a somewhat upscale restaurant in Orange County, California.  The usual pretentious, overly quiet and stuck up place that makes you feel that you should wipe your feet and wash your hands before you sit down.  It was a Sunday lunchtime and the brunch crowd were in full swing with their Mimosas and the like.

We had eaten our salads and were waiting for the main course to be brought out.  My man went off to the toilet to spend a penny, while I carried on drinking my over priced wine.  (What's with all the background information I hear you say - well it will make sense in a bit).  A few moments later he comes meandering back to the table with a look on his face that was half smile and half question ... What's that about I'm thinking to myself?  

He sits himself down and watches me put a fork full of food in my mouth as he casually says "What's a Blumpkin?"  I have no idea at this point, but its such a weird word I laughed and sprayed food in his general direction.  "Where did that come from?" Says I ... "There's a note on the bathroom wall" he says ... "For a good Blumpkin call (949)..blah, blah, blah ....and I don't know what it is."  I will admit, I didn't know what is was either.

Obviously this being the age of the Internet at your fingertips, we googled it and ...Oh My!!!

Now you must remember we are in the OC in a frightfully posh restaurant and we've just found out what a Blumpkin is... So what do we do?   We crack up laughing - loudly - before we remember where we are ... Try to eat a fancy steak while trying not to laugh - it's not easy.  We ate up and left as soon as we could, while wiping the tears away from our eyes.  It's amazing what you learn in the most unlikely places.

Do you know what a Blumpkin is? Have you had one or given one?  Discuss below ... Lol
Or have you ever found a wonderfully erotic piece of trivia in an unusual place?

Miss Kittie

Thursday, August 1, 2013

And Then It Hit Me....

So, here’s the thing, we’ve got a new blog, well nowadays everybody has a blog don’t they.. the thing is, what do you write about?? How do I know what you want to hear. What will interest you and make you laugh a little - hopefully not enough for you to pee your pants - but then maybe that would be good to. We all have our little quirks, don’t we?

As I’m sitting here in front of my computer, my mind is racing. What if I bore everyone to death, what if no one comes? This is supposed to be a sexy place, somewhere to share our new lingerie items and tell stories, share ideas for new competitions and the like. I personally follow a blog and there is a photo-a-day prompt, but would that work here? Do we want to see everyone’s bits displayed on Instagram every day? What could be imaginative and erotic for one person could possibly upset someone else.

And then it hit me ... Let’s just do whatever we want. If you are here, you want to be here. If you are a sexy beast, then nothing should upset you when it comes to people’s bits and pieces being displayed in public. Not that we are condoning wandering the streets in the all together – that might just get you in a little bit of trouble. (Those police types tend not to have a sense of humor where public nudity is concerned).

If you want to post a photo on Instagram, use the hashtag #wetkittie so we can all take a peek. We will have our account up and running in a while, so don’t forget to follow us when we get around to actually setting it up. Meanwhile, I should be getting back to uploading more delicious lingerie and dresses on our website.

Miss K xxx